Why I Love WordPress.


Here at Breckshire LLC Digital Marketing Solutions, I use WordPress™ for every single website that I build.  Why?

Because I absolutely LOVE IT.  Here are just a few reasons why I think WordPress is the coolest thing whether you are a website developer or a business owner wanting a website:

Ease of Use

One of the reasons I love WordPress is it’s ease of use coupled with power and flexibility. I am always super-excited to show clients how to use WordPress for the first time.

Clients are amazed how absolutely easy and quick it is to make changes to their site. While most of my clients choose to have me manage and update their site for them (they have better things to do in their business) they are thrilled with how easy it is to add text, add a new blog post, switch out images, and add new users.  WordPress was designed for the non-techies of the world!

SEO Friendly

WordPress was designed from the ground up to be friendly to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  That means that your website will be quickly recognized and indexed by the top search engines in the world.


WordPress is the single most widely used website platform in the world. Unlike many content management systems, WordPress is supported by hundreds of thousands of website agencies and developers around the world.  That means if you need to find someone new to help you maintain your website, you will be able to easily find someone – or do it yourself!


WordPress is not just a blog platform, it is a website development platform. Tens of thousands of talented programmers around the world have developed plug-in modules to extend the functionality of the WordPress platform.  If you can imagine it, it can probably be done. From simple brochure websites and blogs, to membership websites, to learning tutorial websites, to complex ecommerce websites with thousands of products, it can all be done with WordPress.


There are a number of website platforms out there (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc) that are based on proprietary software and host servers.  This means that if your business needs grow and change and you want to move your website to a new and better host, you can’t do it. You must start over building a new website from scratch.

Not with WordPress!  A website built with WordPress can easily be migrated (moved) to a new host server, anywhere in the world.  There are hundreds of hosting companies available, some of whom SPECIALIZE in hosting WordPress websites.


Hackers are working daily to gain access to websites to exploit them and to steal users information. In continuous active development, WordPress developers and programmers are working hard to keep the software secure from the latest threats, with program updates that are pushed out automatically every month to keep your website as secure as possible.

In addition, I install additional software that monitors and scans your WordPress website for emerging zero-day attacks and exploits. If you are subscribed to one of my website Care Plans, your website is also being backed up daily so that if you are hacked, an earlier version can be restored. No website is 100% hacker-proof, but I work to ensure that your website is as hard a target as possible, encouraging hackers to go elsewhere.

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