Chris Nelson-Jeffers is a leading online marketing expert and marketing consultant working with select businesses, organizations, and professionals in the Wausau and Central Wisconsin region – and beyond. Chris works closely with clients to leverage modern digital marketing techniques to optimize and expand their online presence so they can increase sales and grow their business.

Business & Professional Websites
Improved Customer Engagement & Revenue Flow
Done-For-You WordPress™ Website Management & Maintenance
Development – Management – Consulting
E-Commerce | Online Stores | Membership Sites
Hotel & Hospitality Websites
Website Search Engine Optimization – Online Search Advertising – Pay Per Click
Social Media Management – Online Reputation Management
Email Marketing | Postcard & Direct Mail Marketing

Consultations are by referral and appointment only. A one hour no-obligation Free initial consultation is offered to see if your project and business goals are a good fit for Chris to work with you. To get started, click the button below:

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