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Get More Customers To Your Wausau Area Business!

What would it be worth to your business – to get even just one or two additional customers or clients a week?

Just imagine what that would mean to your life – your success – your financial security – to your family – just knowing that you will have a steady, growing stream of customers buying from you every month.

As a professional independent Internet Marketing Consultant, I work with local Wausau area businesses, professionals, and community organizations to help them leverage their business or professional brand and to compete better online, ensuring a better ROI for their digital marketing dollars.

Show up at the TOP of Wausau area Internet searches – ahead of your local competitors. Get more traffic to your website, more sales conversions, and more paying customers to your door!

Are you crazy?  Who doesn’t want more sales?

Lots of website design companies and probably the one that built your current website offer search engine optimization (SEO), social media, Online Reputation Management (ORM), and perhaps even Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaign management.

These are good and you should definitely be doing them, but you shouldn’t stop there.

You need a powerful synergistic client-getting “system of systems”

The world of online marketing for local business is young, and changing rapidly.

What worked well just a few years ago may not be producing the results it once did.

You are probably already well and painfully aware of this fact.

Local Wausau radio, TV, and cable spots are good if you can properly target your key demographic.  On the other hand it takes a long-term program of consistent (and expensive) advertising buys to make sure people think of you when they go out to buy what you are selling.

Narrowly focusing on SEO tactics, PPC, or the latest social media craze and Internet marketing fad like Groupon™ or Living Social™ may get you a temporary bump, but such fads are short-lived.  And then what?

The Yellow Pages? Newspaper ads?  Classifieds? 

Are you kidding?

In today’s increasingly Internet-driven marketplace, consumers and businesses don’t wait to be sold to – they go online and search out what it is they want to buy – WHEN they are ready to buy!

It is estimated that by the time the average consumer contacts a seller today, they have already all but made up their mind to buy from them.

The information they find online about your business, products, or services is CRITICAL to determining whether they will buy from you – or from your competitor down the street.

When your prospective customers go looking online, will they find you?  What will they find?

Will it be enough to make them pick up the phone and call you, or come to your location?

What if you could consistently put YOUR name and business right in front of your prospective customer’s or client’s eyes – just EXACTLY at the moment that they are looking for what you are selling, and are READY TO BUY!

THAT’s what properly search-optimized Internet marketing, branding, and online marketing does.

Properly planned and implemented, a good program of online marketing (which includes your website) will MAKE SURE that YOUR company or practice gets put in front of your prospective customers in real-time while they use their smart phone, tablet device, laptop, or desktop PC to find what YOU are selling.

That’s what we do

I start by reviewing and diagnosing your current website, making sure that it is ready to CONVERT prospects into paying clients.

Then I work closely with you to construct a plan that fits into your budget, for raising your business’s visibility in the search engines – so that when people search for what you are offering they will find and call YOU.

If making your current online marketing more effective brings you only one or two new clients each month, would that be a good thing for your business?

What would those additional new customers every month mean to your life – your business – your financial security – your family?

I am currently looking for just a few new businesses to partner with. To make sure each client gets my focused attention, once those slots are filled I will not be accepting any new clients until a slot opens up.

Take a positive step now to ensure you business’s future.  To request a no-obligation consultation and review of your existing website and digital marketing plan, contact me today.

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

About Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Want more customers or clients for your business? Chris Nelson-Jeffers works closely with select local Wausau area businesses to optimize their digital and online marketing so they can compete better online and appear higher in Internet and mobile searches.

Working with you Chris helps bring more traffic to your website and bring more customers and clients to your door, month after month. It all starts with a no-obligation website review and consultation when you contact us.

Chris is your certified expert partner in local business online marketing, providing unbiased recommendations based on your individual needs. Be sure to sign up for his Free weekly online marketing and local traffic-building tips e-newsletter and receive a download copy of his best-selling ebook "The Savvy Business Owner's Guide To Successfully Marketing Your Local Business On The Internet" - for Free!.

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